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Procedure for Change of Name

If you want that the name, in which your existing connection is registered, should be changed, please go through the following instructions

Change Applicable for the following cases:

  • Sale of property.
  • Succession of property.
  • Change in the nature of constitution of the consumer (e.g. partnership to Limited liability company).


You are required to apply to NPCL for transfer of ownership or changing name of consumer in format prescribed by UPERC. You may download the Application Form from this website or alternatively obtain the same from our Head Office.


Your Form should accompany

  • Registration deed in case of transfer of property
  • Succession Certificate or Magistrate's Order in case of succession
  • Incorporation Certificate (in case of a Company) or Registration (in case of Firms)
  • If the connected load is more than 25 kW, fresh agreement needs to be signed on a stamp paper of the value of Rs. 100/-.

Please note that a fresh Security Deposit would have to be deposited in the name of the new account.