Lifestyle Improvement

Quality of life has improved significantly in villages consequent upon network engineering under ‘ECO’ Project, resulting in reliable power supply. Customer response is overwhelming, the number of metered cases in villages having swelled to 11414 in 2007-08 and been targeted to reach 14000 by end of FY 2008-09 to cover 80% of the rural domestic consumer population.

Thanks to reliable power supply, a Computer Institute has taken roots in one of the villages for training the local boys and girls. Small trade has flourished, while law and order is improved. More importantly, villagers have access to lifestyle amenities, like television.

Success of the measures implemented is seen from the comments made by U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, who visited one such site and stated:

“…seeing first-hand the tangible quality of life improvements brought by reliable electricity was memorable. It was especially impressive to hear from the students about the real-life impact of power reform in their day-to-day lives”.

In a subsequent visit, the Chargé d´Affaires, Mr. Robert O. Blake , had commented:

“What is perhaps most impressive, though, is the tremendous positive impact your organisation has had on the lives of the people in the villages that your project has touched. I am pleased that the United States Government through USAID has been able to participate in this”