The principal role of Noida Power is that of a service provider to support economic and lifestyle activity. Building an efficient and reliable delivery system thus assumes top priority to provide supply dependability. That Greater Noida is witness to the setting up of world-class manufacturing by multinationals like Honda Cars, Yamaha Motors, New Holland Tractors, LG Electronics, ST Microelectronics, India Exposition Mart, GSC Toughened Glass etc., and is also home to an upwardly mobile residential population, underscores this point further.

The Company maintains and operates round-the-clock emergency services to deal with supply-related complaints and undertake rectification works. The facilities have been reinforced by establishing a Call Centre that provides 24-hour messaging services to consumers and improves trouble call monitoring. Complaint management is computerised, enabling call tracking from start to finish and generation of ‘exception’ reports.

Streamlined administrative procedures, on-time delivery of new supply and billing consistency are the other facets of service that define the Company's inter-relationships with customers. Organisational processes and hierarchical responsibilities are designed to meet the demand for service in every aspect, including settlement of customer claims.

In addition to internal measurements, the Company relies on independent surveys as an annual feature to assess the customers’ feedback on their perception of service quality. Based on the findings, process and systemic deficiencies are addressed to bridge the gap between expected and actual performance levels.