Easy Ways to Lower Your Bill

  • Use LED Bulbs & Tube lights instead of CFL or florescent bulb.
  • Keep on cleaning the LED Bulbs & Tube lights for better lighting.
  • Use ceiling or table fan as first line of defence against summer heat. Ceiling fans, for instance, costs about 30 paise an hour which is much less than air conditioners (Rs.10.00 per hour).
  • You can reduce air-conditioning energy use by as much as 40 percent by shading your home's windows and walls. Plant trees and shrubs to keep the day's hottest sun off your house.
  • Get your internal wiring checked by a licensed electrical contractor before installing an air-conditioner.
  • Set the thermostat of air conditioner at 25°C (77°F) to provide the most comfort at the least cost.
  • Clean the air-conditioner filter every month. A dirty air filter reduces airflow and may damage the unit. Clean filters enable the unit to cool down quickly and use less energy.
  • Don't leave the refrigerator door open for longer than necessary, as cold air will escape and will increase the running time of compressor.
  • Regularly defrost manual-defrost refrigerators and freezers; frost build-up increases the amount of energy needed to keep the motor running.
  • Make sure that refrigerator's rubber door seals are clean and tight. They should hold a slip of paper snugly. If paper slips out easily, replace the door seals.
  • Switch off all electrical and electronic appliances such as fans, lights, air conditioners at plug point when not in use.
  • Setting computers, monitors, and copiers to use sleep-mode when not in use helps cut energy costs by approximately 40%.
  • Purchase electrical appliance having 4-5 star rating as they are most energy efficient.
  • Use shunt capacitors for induction motor of 3 HP and above, and for welding transformer of 1kVA and above.
  • Use only ISI marked cables for internal wiring to reduce electricity consumption and avoid possibility of accident.
  • Install Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) labelled electrical equipment’s, which specifies energy efficiency for reducing energy consumption.
  • For increasing the electricity / contractual load, apply online through NPCL Website or visit NPCL Customer Care Office at KP-1 or Techzone-IV.