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General Enquiries
Bill-related Complaints
Call our 24/7 call centre at 0120 – 6226666 email –
You may also log your concerns on our Mobile App download thru the following link link and on the Website.
Mr. Varun Verma, Assistant Manager (Commercial)
Single point Connection to Multipoint Connections Conversion for Multi-Storied Buildings/Gated Residential Colonies
Mr. Tarun Chauhan (Senior Executive-Operations)
New Service Connections
Mr. Ankur, Assistant Manager (Operations) (HT Connections)
# 91-8750068222

Mr. Amit Tripathi, Engineer (Operations)(LT Connections)
# 91-9911998234
Theft report of electricity or of any equipment belonging to NPCL
Mr. Chandan Dhar, Manager (LCC)
# 91-8750068226

Mr. Avnesh Kumar, Dy. Manager (LCC)
# 91-8744052921
Meter-related queries or High Tension Equipment Testing
Mr. Navin Kumar, Manager (Operations)
# 91-9891701264
Transformer Related
Mr. Udit Kulshrestha, Assistant Manager (Operations)
# 91-8505952424
Urban Division-I
(Alpha, Beta, Gama, Delta & KP-I,II and III, Zeta, Eta)
Mukesh Kumar, Sr. Executive (Operations)
# 91- 7835045086
Urban Division-II
(Sigma, Omicron, Zu, Mu, Chi-III, Chi-IV, Chi-V, Swarna Nagri, Builders Area)
Pavan Gautam, Assistant Manager (Operations)
# 91-9540060874;
Surajpur I Division (Site -B,C,Udyog Vihar,B2P Area,Udyog Kendra,Ecotech-3,Industrial Area and villages with these area )
Krishna Chandra Kumar, Sr. Executive (Operations)
# 91-7835045065
Surajpur II Division (Surajpur, Tilapta, Devla, Jalpura, Haldauni, Habibpur, Thapkhera, Boraki, Pali, Ghori, etc.)
Amit Kumar, Assistant Manager (Operations)
# 91-9911998247
Kasna Division (Site-IV, Site-V, Ecotech Extension -1, Ecotech-6)
Shubhajit Dhar, Sr. Executive (Operations)
# 91-8744052902
Greater Noida West
Mr. Inder Pal Singh Lodhi, Assistant Manager (Operations)
# 91-8743009896