Noida Power Company Limited distributes power in Greater Noida, near Delhi in Uttar Pradesh, which is being developed as an industrial hub and urban settlements. The Company reaches out to a population of about 7 lac spread across hamlets, villages and a new township spanning an area of 335 sq. km.

The Company is a joint venture between the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, a leading business house in India and Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority, an autonomous body of U.P. Government responsible for town planning and infrastructure development. The venture marks the strategic entry of the Group into privatized distribution of electricity in North India.

The Company started its operations in December 1993 pursuant to grant of license by the U.P. Government.


The Company executed an Agreement with the erstwhile U.P. State Electricity Board (now U.P. Power Corporation Limited) in November 1993 for transfer of the supply arrangements and sourcing of bulk power. Currently, the peak load served is 268 MW as against 17 MW in 1994-95, reflecting a steady increase in consumer demand.

The customer base has expanded from 4677 in 1993 to 1,06,707 in March 2021. The load profile is dominated by large and heavy industries that constitute 48% of energy sale. Urban, rural institutional and smaller industrial consumers account for the balance business.