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Calculate Your Energy Consumption and Load

Appliances (Watts) No. of Equipment Load (Watts) Average Hours Approximate Units/Month
  Lamps 25
  Lamps 40
  Lamps 60
  Lamps 100
  Tube Lights 36
  Tube Lights 40
  Electric Iron 600
  Electric Iron 1000
  Electric Iron 1500
  Immersion Heater 1000
  Immersion Heater 1500
  Immersion Heater 2000
  Water Heater/Geyser 1000
  Water Heater/Geyser 1500
  Water Heater/Geyser 2000
  Toaster 750
  Room heater (rod type) 1000
  Room heater (rod type) 1500
  Room heater (rod type) 2000
  Room Heater (blower type) 1000
  Refrigerator - (165 liters ) 150
  Refrigerator -(210 liters ) 270
  Window air- conditioner(1 ton) 1000
  Window air- conditioner (1.5 ton) 1500
  Table fan/ Ceiling fan 60
  Table fan/ Ceiling fan 100
  Exhaust Fan 150
  Washing Machine 700
  Radio 40
  Television 200
  Mixer-cum-Grinder 200
  Computer 200
  Pump Motor 380
  Pump Motor 740
Total Load Total Consumption
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